Thursday, January 6, 2022

Welcome to the January 6th

 Welcome to January 6th 2021:

With the encouragement of several Antifa plants the January 6th so call incursion into the Capital became quite a talking point for the Far Left Democrats. Several have later been identified as instigators and we have just as quick seen them disappear. The girl that was shot by the so called terrified Washington Cop should be a Martyr to the American cause. There was no reason to shoot an unarmed girl. The Cop was praised for his bravery for shooting through a window into a crowd. This whole thing is about as smelly as the Russian Bull Crap that has been proven fake for years now. It’s time for Americans to wake up and see the fraud that is being put upon our Country. No they shouldn’t have entered the Capital but why did they? In many cases they were invited in by opened doors and police not involving themselves in the situation. Several times on various recordings you can hear a few well know voices in sighting them to smash things. The same voices were heard in the Minnesota, Portland and Wisconsin riots. The people who have been arrested have been kept in isolation since their arrest and without charges being filed. This no better than the KGB holding Political prisoners in isolation during Stalin’s reign. It’s time to shine a light on these events and not with a handpicked group. 6 Senators from each party with a neutral Federal Judge should be investigating this event. It should be an open investigation so the people can judge the viability of the hearing and the fairness of the Judge. These Senators should be picked by the leader of their group. Everything regarding this day should be chronicled with full support of the Constitution.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

 This is for those who think Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools;

Don Lindberg

The Racism we need taught in Schools is not Critical Race Theory. We need to teach our children the horror of our history and not whitewash the facts. Yes Slavery was a blemish on our American Soul though it will never be erased we have learned from it and improved. The type of racial justice you want is that of a victim, you are not a victim you have had every chance in the world to succeed in what ever you chose to do. The victims were both White and Black and 500K White people died to stop the horror. Your seemingly Democrat friends tried to keep it going in the South till the 60's but were finally shut down thank God. We are one people, not African American, Mexican American or European American, JUST AMERICAN and the sooner we come together and realize it the better.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Just can't watch the news any more


As I try to watch the news I am totally turned off by the Bias I feel in each report.  I am supposed to be swayed by the love and honor being bestowed on a known criminal.  Yes the Cop was stupid, yes the Cop should be punished and such a thing should never happen again.  The thing that gets me is the outright stupidity in a movement that would make a hero out of a Bum just to create chaos in the streets.  Let's face reality, if George Floyd would still be alive, he would still be a drug addict, he would still be an abuser and a constant law breaker.  Any truly educated and enlightened person would know this.  It's okay to feel sorry for his family yet if he was taught as a child as most people are to respect Law and Order and had learned to obey the rules most of us live by he would still be alive.  To Martyr such a person is saying to your children, look up to this man, he's a hero, be just like him.  What is the matter with true Black Hero's and there are plenty of them, look through history and pick a dozen to emulate rather that demean your cause with a loser.  We are all born with the right to choose our path in life, you can be a follower and constant victim or you can be a leader who earns the respect of all those around you no matter their color or creed. Your right, I am a 2nd generation White American and I have no idea what some of your Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents have been through.  I do know that my Grand Parents indentured themselves to become Americans.  They worked hard with nothing in their pockets but the dirt of the land, they fought the language barrier and the discrimination that came with it and eventually went on to raise 9 children without welfare or any type of assistance.  10 years they toiled in Wisconsin for their sponsor in a one room cabin with very little opportunity to earn any extra until his debt was paid.  He then packed up his wife and 3 children and came west to Seattle taking a wild chance that he would be accepted for his ability as a Master Carpenter, a trade he learned from his Father as a child in Sweden. 

You may call me a racist or a Xenophobe or whatever the latest trend in name calling is but you know in your heart I'm right.  I have never felt white privilege has given me a boost, I have always been grateful though that I was born in America and that I was a part of the greatest Country the World has ever known.  Being from a melting pot like Seattle I was raised alongside just about every race existing.  I was always taught to respect who people were not what they were.  I have worked for a Jew, a Chinese, and the hardest task master of all of them was my own Father who taught my Brothers and I by example.  He always said never make a person do things that you wouldn't do.  Expect the same effort from yourself as you do from those who may be under you.  America will always be the greatest Country as long as the people stay united and understand the true meaning of the American way.     


Monday, March 15, 2021

And that's how I really feel!!!


All I can say is: STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. If you are of the belief that the problem at the Border was because Biden inherited it, or the cupboard was empty and Bidens administration did the heroic job of getting new Vaccine for millions of people at the drop of a hat or that we should go back to the Iran deal and the Paris accord, I’m talking to you.  I find it unbelievable how what once were intelligent people have been so manipulated and brain washed by the Left Wing Media.  I understand that because of your hatred of Trump you elected a guy who can’t put two words together without having trouble, won't answer any real questions and also elected a hustler from San Francisco to be your stand in President when Joe falters. I wish you would have considered how he will do negotiating with China, North Korea and Russia. Maybe he'll turn all the negotiating over to Kamala, she's been negotiating deals all of her career.  

The problem is your hatred was brought on by a one sided Media using fear and lies that poisoned your mind with hate.  The other problem is your hatred has affected millions of us who were happy with the economy, happy with the lack of new wars, very happy with the speed in which the vaccine was implemented and ready for the people. Happy with the strength of our relationship with the rest of the world and happy with the safety of the Wall on our Southern Border.  Thanks to you, what we have now is a weak leader who has cancelled all the good things Trump accomplished, a leader who can do nothing against China or they will pull out their Hunter Card and destroy him and Joe.  Joe is showing weakness in the quad organization of Australia, Japan, India and the United States of his fear of disclosure by the Chinese. While the leaders of Australia, India and Japan are showing their resolve to be strong.  

The progress in the Middle East with treaties’ between Arabs and Israel has been the first breakthrough since Sadat & Begin and was just the beginnings of a real chance for Peace in the Middle East.  Now he has thwarted that opportunity by showing he is willing to make a new deal with Iran and pissing off  Israel.  I’ll wager Putin is laughing at us and making hay with his pumping of oil and gas to European NATO Allies and strengthening his illegal  position in The Ukraine.   All 75,000,000  of us who really voted legally will remember how you thought this was a good thing for America.  I hope you don’t have little girls who have a penchant for playing sports because your Boy Joe just took all that away with his all Gender eligible program that allows men and boys to compete with your girls if they personally self-identify as women.  I also hope you have room in your neighborhood for the millions of emigrants that Joe has invited in, and just wait until he allows them to vote.  I really hate to call anyone Stupid but I couldn’t think of another word that fit.  So enjoy our freefall and I hope you like what you’ve helped tear down as you watch America Bleed.  The Midterms in 2022 might just leave you with a few tears in your eyes as we finally get rid of Chuck and Nancy and start Impeachment against this fake President. 

And that’s how I really feel!

Friday, March 5, 2021

Time to understand the people


It’s time for the Legislators in Washington DC to understand that their extreme actions are going to come back to bite them in 2022.  They may think they have it all handled now but some of their actions are so far out there that the average citizen is repelled by their deeds.  Just so you know, we the people don’t care how far you try to go with HR1 to make the elections easy to rig we certainly won’t put up with another phony scam vote count.  Your Senate seat or Congressional seat is only as good as the person sitting in it.  You are not there to play Party games, you’re there to Legislate in the best interest of we the people of the United States.  We certainly won’t put up with our votes being cancelled by phony write ins or addresses that don’t exist.  Time for you to come to the realization that not everyone thinks as you do and that doesn’t make them a terrorist.  Time to make sane judgements based on reality not your Whacko leader’s whims.  We the People will win in this battle for our Republic don’t doubt our resolve or our Patriotism.  It’s time for some of you decent people in our Legislature to stand up for what you know is right for America and it’s not Nancy’s Socialist dreams.  You may get chastised by a few in your party for standing up for America but you will be rewarded in the end.  Political Party’s are fine but they are not what makes America Great, greatness comes from consensus of minds not fantasies of the power hungry.  God Bless America and make her come together in strength and political harmony. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The real world.

 What's funny when the history of Trumps term comes to light it will show the terrible vindictive effort by the Media and the Left to destroy him. In spite of that he got more done in 4 years for the people than any other President in history and it was during a Congressional period where all they did was fight his every move. It's time for the old Blue Collar Democrats to wake up and understand this isn't the democrat party of old, these are Socialists masquerading as American Democrats. Just ask yourself one question; Should Trans Gender Boys be competing with girl athletes and sharing their locker room and take Scholarships that are legitimately meant for girls? It took years to get proper funding for female athletes through title 9, now they are once again put in a losing position. In many cases these trans Gender Men beat the time of professional women athletes. Biden does.  One more thing to consider, Trump was actually in the process of solving the Middle East situation and Biden just blew a hole through the program. He wants to go back to the Obama Iran deal and this will make an enemy of Israel, Saudi Arabia and several other key Countries that have been plagued by Iran's aggression. Time to give some thought to the real World situation and consider the threat from China who is actively building it's Armed Forces to take over Taiwan and several other Far east Countries and drive the U.S. out of the world market altogether.  I can go on, It was kind of nice bein energy independent for a few months, now we can go back to fighting for our fuel from countries that want to destroy us.   Funny thin is, no Democrat has the balls to read and understand this.  Time will tell and one thing we don't have with Iran and China is time.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Trump scenario


I think the best idea I’ve heard in regards to President Trump is as follows:  In 2022 he will run for congress in his new home State of Florida.  It is believed that he would win hands down and that his coat tails would turn the house away from a Democrat majority.  What would this do?  Trump would become Speaker of the House.  Wow what scenario, if the Senate remains in the Republican control who do you think gets Impeached?  How about Biden and Harris, do you know who becomes President if that happens, Speaker of the House.  To me this is entirely possible and would actually lead to the end of the Swamp in Washington.  With Trump serving the last two years of the Presidency along with a positive House and Senate he could disassemble the horror ridden legacy of the Biden Administration and put us back on track for the future.  I say this as a warning to the enemies of America both foreign and domestic.  The people of America will never cow down to Socialism and this concept is a lot better than a total uprising of the people that will come in the end should Biden continue down this road of American destruction and moral decay.  I think the greatest thing that would come from this would be watching Pelosi have to give up her gavel to her worst nightmare.  Happy thought’s people. Don

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, gone but not forgotten


To some it’s just another day as the World turns.  To 25,000,000 million or so others the voice of the Golden EIB Microphone is gone.  Rush Limbaugh was loved by millions and yet hated by a few for his constant efforts to bring home his Conservative principals to those who cared to listen.  To many it was like a religion to listen to and understand the meaning of his words.  Rush was a true Patriot who even though he was battling on so many health fronts he never waivered in his dedication to his followers.  The Golden EIB mic is off now and I can say for certain the memory of Rush sitting in his favorite chair in front of it will remain in the memory of so many forever.  God Speed Rush, he must have some big plans for you as he made you prove how tough and compassionate you were here on earth.  The question is, who will now step up and become the strong voice of reason for the millions of Conservatives in this hour of need in America.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Does the Left have a Conscience.


You would hope to believe that after all the damage done because of biased reporting by the Media that someone there would find their love for America is more profound than their sleazy job.  Of course, that would be like Schumer or Pelosi somehow finding their conscience.  Let’s face it, unless some miracle happens the Left has totally taken over America.  Like all the Countries before us it will eventually lead to Socialism and worse.  I would suggest that you get out of the Stock Market and drop your savings and buy Gold.  Gold is the one constant in our lives and will always have value.  Every payday pay yourself enough to buy a little gold and stash it away.  If we are lucky this short term episode will end with the total change in the Democrat Party after a sound whipping in 2022.  The damage that the Biden Administration has already done will lead to a major flip flop in the House and Senate and holding both we can stop all the destruction of our system of government.  In two year’s Biden and Harris will be in charge in name only of our government.  Rino’s like the 7 who broke ranks to vote with the Left will be muted by their own constituency and just fade away into the swamp and drown. The names of many now in charge will go down in infamy when this is over.  The new Legislature will bring with it Term Limits and real reform.  We should elect them based on their promise to reform the pay and retirement slush fund they have created for themselves and they should be back on Social Security like all the citizens of this great country are.  Those who have abused the system and used public money to buy off their criminal activity should be prosecuted and let the cards fall where they may.

I am not a radical person, I am of sound mind and body and I do not believe in insurrection nor any type of violence aimed at persuading the outcome of the last election. If by some miracle once these cases reach the Supreme Court we may end up with a better outcome but it is definitely in our hands to make sure we take back our Country in 2022 and never let it out of our control again.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Vindictive politics;


What a vindictive horrible bunch of people we have in Politics today.  The only thing driving this impeachment is fear and hatred.  They fear the peoples wrath when the truth comes out and they fear what President Trump will do when he is re elected in 2024 with a sweep of the House and Senate.  They totally understand that act two of this play will lead to their total demise and the end of the Globalist dream forever.  The only thing President Trump did wrong was not rig the election like they did.  I don’t know if the Supreme Court under Rino Roberts will have the balls to act appropriately when the truth is brought before them.  Our Federal Court System is so corrupted by Left leaning Judges that it will take the power of the Supreme Court to overturn and reinstate the duly elected President.  This is the only way the people will win.  I pray that some with conscience will act appropriately when their time to stand up for America comes.  They took basically the same oath as I and millions of others took to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic and it’s about time they remember the words they stated on the Bible along with, So help me God. 

The damage already done by Biden and Harris to our way of life is threatening to all Americans.  So far these Executive Orders can be thrown out by a new president.  Biden seems to be no more than a figure head for this administration, I just wonder who’s really pully the strings in his feeble brain, could China be a part of his actions?  Pray for us as these lawsuits go before the Supreme Court, understanding that our history is about to be written not by a shame attempted impeachment sponsored by Pelosi and Schumer but by the rule of law and 9 men and women who must deal with this with their conscience. History will put this in prospective and all the names will go down like Benedict Arnold in the end.   God Bless our America.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Stand up for what is right:


It really is amazing how the Democrats in power think and that goes for you who believe everything they hear in the Media.  The infiltration of the Capitol was a planned event long before the rally for
Trump.  It was a few radicals along with being bolstered by some embedded Antifa thugs. The majority who entered were just part of the frustration that has grown across America during this so called election.  The Dem’s are trying to crucify Conservatives and Trump followers like they were willing and ready to commit all types of atrocities.  For the past year or so we have been reading and sparsely being  fed tidbits about the real insurrection going on in the cities across The United States as the Dems just smiled and encouraged the protests.  I could include all kinds of names in high positions that actually helped pay for the bail of these thugs so they could go out and do it over in another city.  These were paid Anarchists advocating the overthrow of a legitimate elected government.  Now they have built a 12’ wall topped with razor wire, guarded by thousands of National Guardsmen who should be home in their own States with their families.  This wall completely encircles the Capitol, miles of fencing that costs millions to erect plus the millions needed to pay for and house the guardsmen.  They say this if for their safety, what about our safety, finish our wall on the Southern Border.  What about the Anarchists that are still roaming the streets looking for more trouble to cause.  These same Dems, have poisoned the population against any normal White person with so called White Privilege and with their attachment to BLM a known Communist inspired organization.  Major Corporations have been cowardly in their effort to appease these criminals as have more than half the National Sports industry.  We supposedly have 74,000,000 people who feel the election was tainted and it seems the Dems feel this 74,000,000 are ready to sit back and accept the outcome without a whimper of descent.  Fat chance, The courts so far are so tainted by and have bought into this Cancel Culture that our entire Justice system has failed.  Those in power now think this is the new normal.  They are pushing us too far from the America we have fought and died to preserve.  We each have to do our best to get the word out about what is going on in our Country.  I’m not advocating the violence like the Democrat sponsored Antifa thugs but at least we can make our voices heard loudly thru peaceful demonstrations and letters of discontent.  Ten Million Letters to each of these so called representative would get their attention.  It’s past time for action and this is what I recommend.  Don’t dirty our cause with violence but stay vocal and share this to your friends who feel cheated.  Tear down the Capitol Fence or as it is called “Nancy’s Wall” and bring our sons and daughters of the National Guard home from Washington and prosecute those responsible for the fraud that has been put upon our Country.

Welcome to the January 6th

  Welcome to January 6th 2021: With the encouragement of several Antifa plants the January 6th so call incursion into the Capital beca...