Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Few questions for Liberal Progressives.

Will one of you Progressive Liberals please help me out? I just cannot wrap my arms around what the world has become. Everything seems upside down about what you want for America. We have survived as the greatest country in the world for generations simply by being the shining light of freedom and hope for the world. We have lived and died by the Constitution and the rules laid down by our fore fathers. Now you seem to want to trash the Constitution, you can't seem to decide if you are a boy or girl, you want to terminate babies up to the day of their birth, you want men to be able to go into your daughters locker room and vice versa, you want people to be able to come across our borders with impunity bringing diseases and criminal activity with them, you want to give those who are here against our Constitution drivers licenses and in many cases the right to vote. Your hatred for President Trump seems to be greater than your love of our Country. Your hatred is based on sour grapes from an election that didn’t go the way you wanted and yet this man has brought prosperity back to our country in a bigger way than any other President has. He has been noted for some crude remarks and activities in his past that you keep shouting about but as far as I know that didn’t bother you when it was Clinton getting a BJ in the White House from a young impressionable Intern. The fact that the Liberals have forced us to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on investigations that have gone nowhere and they have not passed a single thing of merit to help American's in the House since taking it over. You have failed to see a President that has actually kept his promises made during the election, something that has never been done before by either Republican or Democrat. You have allowed the hate and money of George Soros to taint everything that is positive in our Country.
I blame my generation for allowing this to happen. We allowed Liberal Professors to create a cult of Socialism in our University’s, we have allowed radical Muslin's to form alcoves all around our land in many cases to teach hate and develop their own laws. We have allowed a generation to grow up without understanding the legacy of America and what our flag really stands for. Whether you believe in God or not the basis of our laws of humanity and the legal system are based on teachings from the Bible and the Torah. This Congress of the United States of America is now run by people who are more worried about Political Correctness than Commonsense.
I ask these questions of you, please answer without resorting to rhetoric and repeating the diatribe of the Leftist Media. What is it that you want America to be? Do things like freedom of speech matter to you? Do you think President Trump is suddenly going to round up all Gays and Transgender people and put them in Concentration Camps? Do you think that it’s wrong to legitimately make successful business profits? Have you ever studied the effect of Socialism on people and Countries? What do you blame for the horrible mass shootings that have been around for the last couple of decades? Is it mental illness that has gone unchecked since the 60’s. That’s when the ACLU sued to force the release of all Mental Patients in Institutions who were being held against their will. (The actual beginning of Homelessness) Or is it the 2nd Amendment and the NRA? Why is it that cities run by liberals are the ones that are most affected by the homeless situation in America? I know these are tough questions but they are legitimate arguments that need to be addressed. I love this Country and I hope you do too but it can’t survive under the present hatred that has soaked into our way of life. We are all Americans and that used to mean something special.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

What makes a good Dad?

It takes more than a squirt of sperm to make a Dad or a Father as I like to refer to them.   A Dad is there for you come Hell or high water.  If you’re wrong a good Dad will tell you and tell you why he thinks you’re wrong.   Just making it to your Little League and Pop Warner games doesn’t make a great Dad, sometime they have work or other things that require their attention.  A good Dad makes sure you stay well grounded, have plenty subsistence, clothes and makes sure you know he loves you with all his heart.  A good Dad will make sure your homework is done and done right as well as give you chores to do to learn the ability to work and teach you to be proud of the work you do.  A good Dad will listen to your problems and allow you to make the decision as to what is right or wrong.  A good Dad will take the time to teach you so much of what he knows and will do so in a way that you are enjoying your time together, not even realizing the lessons that have been learned.  A good Dad will not try to live his past glories through you, he will make sure you will have time enough to learn and earn your own memories.   A good Dad is hard to find so if you have a great Dad make sure he knows how much you love and appreciate him as they don’t last forever and when the time comes that God takes him back make sure he knows he made a difference in your life. 

I truly wish I could have been a better Dad and always lived up to these principles but the past is now gone and thank God it’s never too late to learn.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Remembering D Day.

Thinking ahead to June 6th: 
As I grow older I find myself thinking more and more about the men who helped make our freedom and very existence possible, allowing any successes that we as Americans have achieved, to be a reality.  This probably sounds really corny to a 17 or 18 year old today but it was guys just like them that I give thanks to every June 6th.  Many were just out of High School as they waded ashore on the 5 beaches of Normandy at Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword and Juno beaches.  Through a hail storm of bullets that rained down on them from the cliffs. Bullets that killed one out of every twenty men among them, yet they kept coming ashore wave after wave wading through the bodies of their fellow soldiers.  Any man or woman that faces combat has to put their fear aside and keep fighting on.  These men were the bravest of the brave, fact is, most injured or killed in combat never see it coming these guys not only could see the carnage around them, they had to carry 70lbs of gear and wade many times neck deep knowing if they fell they would likely drown, walking into an inferno of Hell on the beach.  Once there they had to run 100 yards to the edge of the cliffs through soft sand before finding any type of cover.  Your natural instinct would be to stop and help a wounded comrade on the sand but those that did usually were soon casualties themselves.   Many when they finally fell panting to the ground under the cliffs found their Command Staff never made it and now a Sgt. Or even a Corporal was in charge of their unit.  Hundreds of Sailors made trip after trip in their landing craft to the beach with artillery exploding other boats all around them.  I know this sounds over dramatic to many but it is all true and the history has been written.  We owe the thousands who made that little romp to the beach our freedom and that cannot be disputed.  War is Hell where ever it is fought but June 6th was the Grand Daddy of all battles.

These men were truly part of the Greatest Generation and I can only salute their memory as so few are still with us.  I just pray that when needed another generation of heroes will stand just as tall and protect our great Country just as bravely as our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen did in World War II.  God Bless these brave men and God Bless America.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

There are no adequate words in the dictionary to describe the loss of a loved one to war.  They go off young men and women with so many of life’s goals in mind leaving loved ones home to do the worrying. They leave us understanding the risk and knowing the dangers that are in their path, they put their fears aside and answer the call of Freedom.   Seldom in the face of danger do they believe it can happen to them, they have too many plans to many goals to achieve, it’s their friends they worry about, always looking out for them.  These are the Heroes of the American way of life.  They risk theirs to keep our shores safe and our families secure.  The flag we fly with pride is made up of two things, the blood of those who given all and the tears of those they leave behind.  When I fly the flag I do so with a feeling of heartfelt thanks for the freedom these heroes have blessed me with.  I think of the Larson boys who left our neighborhood in 1943 and never returned.  I think of my cousin who came back dying slowly of Agent Orange poisoning, I think of Kids I went to school with and friends from Boot Camp most of all I think of the sorrow of the Mothers, Wives and Husbands who will never feel the comfort of their hugs.  When someone desecrates our flag they are stomping on the soul of America.  God Bless all who have served, God Bless those Heroes who have fallen and God Bless those they have left behind, your tears flow down all our cheeks as one.  

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Liberal logic at work.

Every time I hear about one of these horrible shootings in schools I cringe and think to myself here it comes all the self-righteous idiots trying to blame the guns for what is wrong with our society. You the great Liberal mind are actually the blame, like it or not you with your parenting skills of a numb skull who actually think the TV or the game industry is responsible for raising your kids. Have you even looked at the games these kids are playing or even the shows they are watching. The Japanese during WWII found the secrets to mind control just as the radical Muslims have. How else would you ever get a mother to load her son or daughter down with explosives and send them out to be Martyrs or make a pilot want to dive his bomb loaded airplane into a ship. You are doing the same damn thing with these horrible games that the kids are desensitizing their brains with. Killing is easy, just point and shoot, no blood, no guts just bang you’re dead. When they become real proficient at it they actually think they are still in the game. Add the fact that if you don’t lock up your guns at home and pow, we have another massacre. Wake up Mr. and Mrs. modern parent, these games are destroying the minds of the young and we are watching it happen. Hollywood puts out crap that fuels the need for more violence and mayhem and then blames the lack of gun control for shootings.

In every case in these mass murders, Mental Illness has played a roll. I believe it was your organization the ACLU in the early 70’s that sued and opened the doors to all the medically and Criminally insane who were being housed across the country. Whether it caused by brain numbing exposure to artificial violence or just plain derangement it’s still not the gun that shot these people. In the Old West there were more guns carried by a bigger percentage of the population than now days yet there were seldom cases of mass murder where people were killed just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. When a child is brought up to respect others and to treat others as they would like to be treated, life gets better for all. You decided that spanking caused children some type of mental anguish and banned it, now we have a bunch of millennial's that think the world owes them a living. How has that worked for you? You decided that smoking dope wasn’t so bad, so you made it available to everyone, how’s that working out so far? You decided that your kids shouldn’t go to church, there will be time for them to make up their own minds later and we have become a Godless Society. How’s that working out for you?
Bad guys will always have guns and there is nothing we can do about that except make our laws stronger when a gun is used in a crime. Good guys with guns may save your butt or one of your family some day and you won’t even realize it. You could be in a store that a Robber decides to enter and he really doesn’t want any witnesses, the good guy with a carry permit down the aisle just might be the hero of the day. Will you still be against good guys having guns?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Socialism and the American way of life.

Do these Socialist think they can take over our Country without a Civil War? I beg them to stop and think about the millions of Veterans who have fought several wars to prevent such things from taking place. I am not making threats I'm genuinely concerned about their actions and where they are leading. Young voters need to understand that this country was founded to be free, free for all to acheivee and being too lazy to acheive is not the way to make America strong and it''s people self sufficient. Being responsible for ones actions and learning history so it's not repeated is something that is an imperative in their education. Use you head and understand that there were three principle actions prior to destroying Venzuala. Number one was the confiscation of all guns from the people, two was game of playing the poor against the rich. Think about it, you can become the rich if you don't squander your opportunities. 3. is free medical, free education and free food. Think about it who is incharge when your waiting for your free stuff, the guy that's giving it out? Who controls the decision on what college you go to and what you will study? Who is in control when you need hospitalisation and what treatment you will receive? There are so many things to consider you cannot let a smooth talking power hungry politician decide your life. We the older generation have given you freedom, we have also messed it up by making things too easy for you and have created a generation of people spoiled by the very freedoms they are trying to give awway.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter letter

As we celebrate this Easter, we Christians are faced with the greatest threat to our way of life we have ever seen. The generations of the 60's, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have in so many cases lost the love for Jesus. We have banned God from our Cities, from or Schools and in so many cases from our hearts. The beauty of God and his workings are so amazing and all around us 
yet we have given into temptation by allowing others to take our place in the education of the Children in the ways of the world. We have let others form the minds and the focus of their future when it comes to the ways of God and his teaching. Where we had Sunday Schools we have Football games, where we had family time we have TV time. 9 times out of 10 when we have dinner, it’s thrown on a plate and eaten in front of the TV or with earbuds blasting their brains with whatever. The idea that we give thanks for our food has disappeared. We seem to have less and less time for one on one with our children. We have in so many cases lost the ability of selflessness in other words we care more for instant gratification than what lies in the future. It is present in the in ability to even keep the sacred vows of marriage. Children of today are being taught by personal experience that you can renege on any contract if you have the slightest difference of opinion. So many are deciding that by avoiding the idea of marriage all together they are not bound by any lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in sickness and health. Don’t think the kids of today aren’t being developed to be even more self-centered. We have allowed a past President to say that America is not a Christian Nation without an uproar from the people. We have allowed others to use our Constitution against us by eliminating all references of God from our teaching. The worst possible thing is we have failed to be parents to our children allowing them to grow up and develop on their own without passing on the love of God and the story of Jesus. I ask each of you to turn off your phones for this one day and enjoy the fellowship of your family and friends.