Saturday, September 2, 2017

Disaster relief

As we watch in horror the events taking place on the Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast it causes us to remember that tragedy can strike anywhere at any time. Our entire history can be lost in a heartbeat through flood, Earthquake or fire. When terrible things happen it’s nice to know that our friends and neighbors will be there to help pull us through. I just ask that our leaders pull together forgetting party or philosophy and work together to make the ravished area strong again. America has heart and it’s time to prove it and bury the hatchet to move forward to make us strong again. This is going to take generations to recover completely, many administrations, many billions of dollars and I’m not even counting the fact that this is not the last disaster our country will face in the months and years to come. This cannot be done by government alone each of us can help even if it’s just $10 find the charity that you feel good about and give what you can. We here in our town escaped flooding this year by the hard work of our volunteers, local companies, the Water District and government officials. But for the Grace of God, we very well could have been in dire straits ourselves. The lives of these folks in the affected area have changed overnight, from everyday working people to evacuee’s, many with no home to go home to. Some lost family members and everything they have from their memories to their pets. 

Knowing this is not going to be a quick fix situation Jan and I are going to pledge a monthly sum to a local Gulf area relief fund yet to be decided. We would be happy to do the research to find such a facilitator and let others know. There are so many relief programs and many scams designed to just steal money. So far all the government agencies involved are doing the right thing for the people just trying to comfort, feed and clothe but the real test will be the permanent programs required to bring them back as the living, loving Americans they were. God Bless the heart and soul of America and the spirit of our humble beginnings.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Civil War II

The Civil War is being fought again and this time it's against our historical monuments. The statue of Robert E. Lee never made me feel like I wanted to own slaves or disrespect the rights of Blacks. It is our history good or bad. If we continue to erase our historical monuments we will erase the lessons learned by their either good or bad example. I feel this really has nothing to do with the statue's or what they may or may not stand for it is strictly a power move by the left. They didn't win the election, they are not winning the Russian BS so now they have picked what they think is a soft target. It's time to bring an end to all this political Nonsense before we do permanent damage to the soul of our country. The ultra left has to go, the Democratic Party has to find its roots and build themselves once again into the average American Party. As it stands now they have become the home of the far left. We need a viable two party system here in America to balance our diversity and make us whole. The idiots that are running the party now have created nothing but chaos and are driving a wedge into the heart of the United States of America. The same goes for the ultra right like the Nazi's, Skin Heads and any other radical group that wants to destroy what we have all fought for all our lives. God Bless America, we are all races and proud to be the melting pot of the world but don't try to put a divide between us you will fail.

It's time to reflect

Once again the World is threatened with terror as cowards using a rental van plowed through crowds in Barcelona. The free world is at crisis point both at home and abroad. There are those who would take us back to the stone age if allowed and here at home there is a movement to disrupt our elections and our elected officials. America has always been the Land of the Free and home of the Brave no matter who or what party was in power. We now have agents of disorder trying to overthrow our duly elected President and his entire administration. Over my long time here on this planet I have seen disagreement with our government and many of it’s decisions. There will always be a difference of opinion with a free society. What is happening today is far beyond the norm and is being fed by an opposition media and the losing party. This event in Barcelona is no different than the Antifada here in America, it’s driven by hate and will lead to chaos, not unlike the things we are seeing across Europe if not stifled. People who represent this like Michael Moore, groups like the Nazi Party and Black Lives Matter are just mini versions of the radical Islamic terrorist we see today. Look inside yourselves and find the spirit we were founded with to bring civility back to our country.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Where are we as a People

Where are we as a people? We had an election since then we have had every possible scenario proposed by the losing side to upset and derail what the people voted in.  I have lived through Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump.  I have found fault or disagreed with many of the decisions made by these men never have I felt the need to destroy them or their reputations.  America has been established as a Representative Republic with two basic political party’s and has always found ways to pull together to make this country safer when threatened.  We now have a situation where the opposition party has resorted to every possible means to bring down the dully elected government.  The latest is the 25th amendment which calls for a medical or mental evaluation of the President.  I truly believe these people have lost their minds due to the stress of losing.  They have decapitated him in effigy, they have tried to show him as a Russian plant, they have called him every name in the book from stupid to dimwitted.  It started with the calling of those who supported him Deplorable’s by Hillary Clinton during the election.  One thing these far left zealots have failed to realize is that they are pulling the base of Trump’s followers closer together and in fact would be faced with the largest armed uprising in America’s history should they succeed.  The Civil War would be a minor event compared to the insurrection that would follow what many would consider a Coup.  I am not suggesting anything just making a commonsense judgment on the situation.  The judicial system needs to respond to the law and not make law as they go.  Our laws are made by our Representatives not our Judges or individual members of Congress.  Our laws are based on the Constitution of the United States and supposedly enforced to the letter of the law by the Supreme Court.  When a member of Congress calls constantly for resistance to the legally elected government and they are acting in a treasonous manner like an agent for subversion they should be sanctioned and have charges placed against them.  This goes for either party and members of either House of Representatives.  Our form of government is at stake, there are those who would change our basic freedoms if allowed.  The idea that professors are allowing a minority to stop free speech on campuses and the local governments are standing by as anarchists destroy public and private property should be alarming to every American.  Race relations in this country have become more separated during the last 8 years and race has been used against anyone who dared question the motives of the left.  Crimes against the police have been growing and becoming more and more violent.  Organizations like Black Live Matter are not working to make Black lives better they are causing chaos and driving a wedge between the races that had been improving for decades.   


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!
Of all our holidays celebrated here in this Country the 4th of July is the party one.  Everyone has been bundled up for Winter for several months, the schools are mostly out and the vacation season is here.  Our Fore Fathers had the courage to emancipate us from the powerful and oppressing government of King George.  They chose courage over safety as by signing the Declaration Of Independence, they were signing their Death Warrants according to the King.  These men didn’t just sign and go back to their offices and allow others to do their fighting they took the leadership role in the Revolution.  They left their powdered wigs and fancy clothes at home and took on the most powerful army in the world and won.

It’s hard for me to say “Happy Memorial Day or Happy Veterans Day” as I know what the intended meaning of those day’s represent.  Happy 4th of July is a whole different thing.  Our Fore Fathers paid for our freedom from oppression and this is a day to celebrate.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Health care solutions

Just some thoughts on the Health Care fiasco;
We had a perfectly great Health Care system before Obama and his cronies got involved. The free enterprise system was known through out the the world as the best available. Yes there were holes, yes there were the uninsured but now we have been forced into government programs that are not sustainable. Go back to the free market and let the people decide what coverage they want. There needs to be open state borders to increase the competitive edge. It is impossible to force Insurance companies to cover preexisting without big increases but for a fraction of the cost of government subsidies the government can set up a program for those with preexisting conditions in some area's even utilizing military doctors and base medical facilities. Medicaid has been abused for years by those who just want something for nothing, if the States want to provide healthcare for their people they should be responsible for it and strictly enforce the rules. Those who choose not to cover themselves are free to do so but they must understand their only help will come from charitable organizations not trauma care facilities. A cheaper version of catastrophic coverage should be available with high deductibles utilizing deductible Health Savings Accounts for those people who decline to purchase full coverage. Medicare and Veterans benefits are sacred and have been paid for over the years. There should be no benefits for those here illegally, a fund paid for by a small tax on imports should be set aside to take care of hospitals who are forced to treat illegals. This tax can be offset by the governments of the illegal who uses the facilities. When a citizen of Mexico or any other country who is here either illegally or legally who uses our medical facilities their government would be billed for the service. Non payment would mean an increase of the import tax from their area and immediate deportation of the individual. Not perfect but better than anything the government has done.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

My tribute to Memorial Day May 29th, 2017
The date is June 4th 1944, 18 year old Johnny is in England taking a few minutes from a busy training schedule to write to his sweetheart Karen in Seattle.  He told her that his greatest dream is to build a house for them to raise their family in and that her love is what gives him the courage to face whatever may come.  He had very little time so he asked her to give his Mom a big hug and tell her not to worry, the war will be over soon and I’ll be home to help plan their wedding.  As he just settled into writing he heard the whistle blow that meant he had to muster.  A quick goodbye and he sealed his letter with a kiss dropping it in the post as he ran to muster.

All afternoon of the 4th they gathered their equipment, held prayer sessions and prepared to board the vessels that would take them across to France and the German Army.  The 5th was full of activity, they started to go and were cancelled because of the change in the weather.  Nerves were on edge and everyone was in deep thought as they knew they were about to face Hell on Earth. 

The night of the 5th they finally got the green light to go, the mood was a solemn one as they made their way across the channel and soon they could hear and see the massive bombardment from the Navy on the shore they were about land on.  Surely no one could survive such chaos, between the bombardment from the sea and the air, his buddies were talking about actually walking ashore.

In the very early hours of the 6th the call came to man the boats, Johnny’s was in the third wave and as they were traversing the waves they saw the first of the casualties being brought back.  As they neared the shore the boat next to his exploded and was gone in seconds taking all aboard down with her.  The thought of walking ashore brought a nervous laugh from his lips.  They felt a jolt as the landing craft hit one of the structures the Germans had installed on the beach.  The ramp came down with a splash and they found themselves in neck deep water with bullets splashing all around them.  The 80 pounds of equipment made the effort to survive double hard.  As he was fighting to keep his head above water and his carbine held high he saw the bodies of those who never made the beach floating face down in the surf.  When he finally hit dry land he found it hard to run on as his boots dug into the loose sand.  When he made the cover of the cliffs above him he realized that he was one of only three survivors from his Landing Craft.

As the day progressed things were getting desperate, they were really pinned down hardly able to get a shot off at the enemy above.  They were running out of water and were totally exhausted after the fight just to make it to the cliffs.  Finally they breached the cliffs and got a foothold on the ridge above to protect them for the climb up. 
Not many men today are still here that made that terrifying climb, many never made it to the beach and even more died on those sands that were dyed red with American blood.  Their remains are buried in France but their spirit is still alive in America.  Memorial Day is special because it honors those who actually paid for our freedom.  Whether it was on a lonely sea when their ship was blown out from under them, in a burning bomber over Germany or on the sands of Tunisia or the swamps of Viet Nam these men were just like Johnny, they had dreams and aspirations for the future, they had sweethearts, wives and mothers who meant the world to them.  Many had yet to see their 20th birthday.  This is why we cherish and celebrate Memorial Day and why it is so important that we take just a minute to give thanks to those whose courage made our lives possible.  Johnny died of his wounds at just 19 during the Battle of the Bulge in the freezing cold and never made it to his wedding.

Memorial Day is more than an extra day off and a picnic, it’s a day to praise and give thanks to those heroes who gave their lives in order that we may live ours in freedom.