Friday, March 20, 2020

The Perfect Storm

What a perfect storm created by panic will accomplish: Tanking the economy has been the goal of the far left all along. Remember what Bill Marr called for. The Coronavirus though not planned turned up at just the right time. The President has done all the right things to help curb the virus and the idea that we have to totally shut down all commerce is now becoming a political action. Our own Governor, no friend of the administration as well as California and NewYork have decided to lock down their States there-by depriving many the opportunity to survive as Small and Medium size businesses. The idea of sending checks to the public is great if you want to convert this country to Socialism. Most of the money will go within a week or so and they will be looking for more. Much will go for drugs and big screens. Having the ability to pay our employees to work is the answer. The panic that has run wild through the press is responsible for the mess we are in. Like all virus's previous, this one will take a toll and pass and we will find a vaccine to prevent it from happening again. Like the Flu, Saars, Hi N1, Ebola and all the others. Notice there was no panic and nothing done for over 6 months during the Obama Administration. So why does this look Political, you tell me.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Media Flash Mob

The Leftist Media has done its job of putting this country into panic mode. Have you heard the BS coming from MSNBC and CNN? We are Americans, 6 months from now we will be over this like every other virus that has come along, yes we will lose some people we love just like the flu takes over 16,000 a year minimum. We have the greatest medical system in the world and in spite of the efforts of China to blackmail us into submission we will get by this and later consider it just another event in our lives. The Left is trying to destroy America and rebuild it in their own image. Small Business be damned as they falter and shut down destroying the jobs of millions of Americans. A good example of this is the fact that Pelosi tried to attach the full term abortion bill to the Bill asked for by the President for the Coronavirus fight. The team he has assembled will fight until it’s vanquished and they now have the money and ability through their diversity of knowledge to do so. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face use commonsense and it will pass. Protect your older relatives, shop for them, make sure they don’t need anything to cause them to take risk of exposure.
In the end this will be a turning point for this Nation, we will take control and bring home our necessary industries like Medical Supplies and Antibiotics and never again allow these things to be shipped off shore for profit. The Presidents, America First agenda has shown its merit and should be the rule across this land.
Note to Banks and Mortgage companies, the government can’t do it all by itself. It’s time you stepped up and extended loans on homes and businesses for 90 days, you don’t have to lose any money just tag the next 90 days on the tail end of the loan. This will give breathing room for those who are temporarily laid off and to the businesses that are affected because of slow business. No one needs to lose over this if everyone does their part during the crisis. The idea of eliminating the payroll deductions during this period will also help those who are squeaking by just holding their own.
Remember, Commonsense principles: Wash your hands several times a day, keep your hands away from your face, wipe down counter tops and all hard surfaces and don’t go around the public if you have symptoms of the virus.
When this is over it will be China who suffers as we address the trade program. They are more dependent on the things we buy than we are on them. When their factories shut down and ours begin to flourish because we have taken control of our needs, it will be the Chinese People who will rise up and demand reform.
From my Heart I am Praying for our President and for you and yours, Don

Thursday, March 12, 2020

No time to panic

There’s an old Democrat saying; “No tragic event should ever go by without finding a useful purpose.”

It’s almost too perfect. The economy is soaring, the people are working in greater number than ever before and the Presidents numbers have been going up, up, up. Along comes Coronavirus and suddenly it’s his fault. He has put together a Dream Team of Doctors and Scientists to help combat this scurge but that isn’t enough for the Liberal Media and Pelosi’s crew. He could raise a gamma ray screen around the country to stop all trace of it and it still wouldn’t be enough. The constant barrage from the Left has tanked the Stock Market, created a feeling of dyer fear around the country and Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Swamp has put the blame right on Trump. They couldn’t win at the Poll’s, they couldn’t impeach with their shady plan to overthrow the administration so now comes along the perfect storm and they haven’t done one iota to help with the planning. Oh they let him have the money to fight it but along with all negative banter. Isn’t it funny that all the real bad area’s are in Democrat controlled City’s. Just wait till it hits San Francisco’s homeless community or in Los Angeles & Seattle’s homeless street people. When they have to quarantine the downtown area’s maybe they will start working with the Administration to help fight this plague. I for one am going to keep supporting the person who has done so much to bring wealth and pride back to America and who did not cause this fiasco in any way.
If it’s in your power send $10 minimum to his campaign, the Dems are raising a fortune using this episode to do so. I’ll surely do my part to help him win.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2008 Prediction by Sylvia Browne

"In around 2020 a severe pneumonia like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatment.  Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again years later and then disappear completely."

This was printed in her book in 2008, hopefully she's right again. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dear America

Dear America,

I am writing this in an attempt to make sense out of what's going on in our government today.  We have finally worked our way out of a recession that has stymied our growth and chance for personal success  in the 1990's through 2016.   We have an opportunity to negotiate through strength with all of our adversaries, we have the opportunity to come to some type of agreement regarding China Trade, we have the opportunity to either build a relationship or starve out the North Korean Dictatorship through sanctions and embargo's.  We have negotiated and signed a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that favors all party's in a much better light, adding hundreds of thousands new potential jobs to our economy.  Our Stock Market is at the highest sustained level in history adding big numbers to all American retirement funds.   Most of all, once President Trump is re-elected he will be in a strong position to negotiate a lasting peace with Russia, the Russian people have had a taste of American business and lifestyle during the Gorbachef Administration and enjoyed a brief period of new freedoms.   Though we cannot trust Putin, we have put him in a secondary position in the world through our economic strength.  This gives Trump the opportunity to negotiate a working relationship with Russia in the area of Space exploration which can lead to additional improvements in the area of trade.

All these things are facts yet we are in the middle of an attempted coupe to remove the man responsible for these improvements from office.  The resistance to anything Trump is to the point of a sickness or as it has been stated  'TheTrump hatred syndrome.'  The far left in Congress and the minority in the Senate has worked against the President in every effort to make America Strong Again yet he has accomplished it without their help.   It's time to forget party loyalty and work together to build a relationship once again with the people of America, one that will endure and eliminate the efforts of our enemies from within.  God Bless America and God Bless the American People.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

My prayer for 2020

My Prayers for 2020 and beyond:
Trump will win in a landslide in November. The economy will stay strong in spite of negative talk by the opposition. The Senate will remain intact and the House will be cleansed of the far left and the country will become one nation once again. CNN and MSNBC will fail so badly that their value will drop significantly and they will be forced to become real news broadcasting stations once again and controlled by new owners who have the interest of America as their credo. Trump will invite Putin to the White House and present a plan that will rock the world, eliminating the global threats like North Korea and China by joining forces in a joint protection plan similar to the NATO organization. No country will dare make trouble. This will allow both countries to reduce costs and work together on Space projects designed to protect the earth, I predict if this happens they both Trump and Putin will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The United Nations will become irrelevant, disbanded and a new peaceful pact of Nations will be formed and promote Democracy around the world. Venezuela will be taken over by a Pro-Democracy government and with the help of the new coalition of Countries will once again become a viable Nation in South America. The Worldwide Refugee problem resulting from the Middle East conflicts will be eased when modern cities are built including factories for real employment erected by the new coalition of countries working together. This will house these people back in their own land with real opportunity for economic stability. Iran will have a quick revolution when the Army decides on the side of the people to overthrow the government and once again the good people of Iran will be free of the harsh rule of the Mullahs and hold free and democratic elections.
Just think two men out of this whole world could make this happen and start an era of peace and tranquility throughout the earth.
I know this is a pipe dream but it’s my fantasy and if you dream big enough and enough people pray hard enough anything is possible.